What can I do for you?

Branding design

I help you tell your story visually. I create original, unique digital drawings to help you and your business translate your words, thoughts and ideas into beautiful images that show people who and what you are.

I work closely with you to understand everything that you’re trying to say and why, because I know how much of your effort, how much of your heart, and how much of your soul has gone into creating your business and your products and services and I want to help you to turn that into something that is instantly recognisable and understandable to your audience.

Book covers, illustrations and character design

I've been lucky to have several opportunities to work with wonderful authors to help bring to life their book cover visions, as well as one collaboration with my amazing mother to release our very own illustrated children's book (Chickabella).

Aside from the book cover itself or illustrations within, I can also help you by bringing your characters to life so that you can see them as they are watching you write their stories.

Books to check out:

Breathing While Drowning - Veronica Strachan

Elemental Woman - Prasanna Diana Manuela

Ochre Dragon (Book 1 - The Opal Dreaming Chronicles) - V.E. Patton

Chickabella and the Rainbow Magic - words by V.E. Patton, pictures by me

Christmas Australis: A Frighteningly Festive Anthology of Spine Jingling Tales

"Illustrationising" photos

I have a lot of fun doing these. I can take your photo (despite the examples, it doesn't have to be a selfie!) and turn it into a drawing.

These are great as gifts for family and friends. Take yours and get it printed on a canvas block to hang on the wall, on birthday cards, on the backs of playing cards, on tea towels, t-shirts, mugs, and just about anything else!

Just about anything else...

Portraits, characters, t-shirts, cards, other designs — you name it!

If you have something specific in mind that you'd like designed, drawn or illustrationised - I can't wait to get started!