Hi, I'm Cassi


I’ve been drawing for most of my life and loving every second of it.

For years, I’ve been working in the corporate sector and only creating art in my spare time, until one day when Mum asked me to transform her vague stick figures into fully-fleshed, finished digital images.

I got such great feedback that I agreed to do something similar for another program of hers. People were so drawn to the icons that I created that more potential clients approached her just to find out more about them. Some of these people were surprised that the art was done by her daughter and that I was just drawing as a favour. I realised they were right!

So I thought to myself: What if – rather than just being a hobby – I do this for a living?

Now here I am, turning one of my passions and loves into a life. Who knows - maybe one day this will be my only job!

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